May 10 - 14

What an exciting week! We went to a local nature center where we learned about how tadpoles change into frogs and more about the parts of a seed. We even got to plant a seed and release a ladybug into the woods.

We reviewed reading a bar graph and measuring length. We practiced making number stories based on a number sentence and comparing coin values.

We also wrote and talked a lot about showing self-control this week. Here are some strategies the class came up with to help you calm down when you are upset:
  1. take deep breaths (like you are blowing bubbles)
  2. blow your nose
  3. count (by 1s, 2s, 5s...)
  4. lay down
  5. wipe your eyes
  6. drink some water
  7. be by yourself
  8. rock in the rocking chair

May 3 - 7

We had a wonderful Mother's Day concert on Thursday! Thanks to all the family members who came to support our singers and readers. I don't think I got a picture of everyone who attended but many are in this week's slide show. Check out the short video of the performance and some practice in the classroom while making Mother's Day cards and flowers.

Most students are able to read to themselves independently for ten minutes each morning. We are trying to build up our stamina so we will be ready to read to ourselves independently for twenty minutes in second grade! We worked on retelling what we can remember from nonfiction books to a buddy. We also worked on making self-to-text connections and text-to-text connections:

We are very excited about our field trip next week to a local nature center where we will learn more about seeds and insects.