Permission to post photos

Hello Whale Room Families,

Welcome to my blog! I hope to use this as a means of sharing all the exciting things we are doing in first grade in addition to the hardcopy Friday newsletters. Please share any ideas you have for how this blog could be more helpful/interesting for your family. I just created a Google calendar (to the right) that lists the snack schedule and any upcoming school events (e.g. picture day on Oct 21) and holidays. Check back often and let me know if you'd like to receive an email when I publish a posting on here.

I'd really like to post digital pictures on here (like the ones I emailed out from KodakGallery - which I will continue to do so you can order prints easily) but I need your permission to do so! PLEASE complete the permission slip I'm sending home this week and send it back as soon as possible so I can post images and videos of your children's work, play and performances on here. I have already received a few permission slips from the main office, so if you don't see one in your child's homework folder then I don't need one from you.

Let me know if you have any questions by posting a comment here, emailing me (aprovan @, sending a note with your child or calling the school (274-2383).

Thank you!

Overhead view of Belle Sherman Annex & Big School (before the new playground was built)

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